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Using Reiki Treatments to Heal Past Life Wounds That Are Impacting Your Present Life

Energy healing can be a great tool for healing past life wounds. Perhaps you are wondering if you have any past life wounds? Or perhaps you already know you do.

Sometimes in our current life we can be triggered by situations with people or life events that bring up the same feelings and emotions that you once had in a previous life but were left unresolved. This could have been traumatic events such as the passing of a loved one, unwanted parent child separation or rejection of loved ones which can all lead to broken hearts, envy, anger, lack of self-worth, confidence, trust and so on... When such strong emotions are felt and not addressed and healed, it leaves a heavy energy in our bodies and when we die, we carry it into the next life. It is very possible that the struggle you are going through now may have originated in a past life. The good news is that now you are being given a choice, an opportunity to release/resolve whatever it was that caused the hurt in past and is impacting you currently in this life.

If you have read this and are trying to figure out if you have a past life wound that needs healing, here is a quick way to find out.

Close your eyes and take three deep breaths, this will help take your attention inwards. Scan your body internally and find those areas or area where that energy is being stored. This could be around your throat, your chest, legs, arms or anywhere within your body. It can feel like a tightness, a heaviness or you simply see it as a dark cloud over the area. Once you have identified an area, you can see a practitioner to help release it.

The practitioner will send healing energy to the target area and dissolve this dense energy. Depending on where it was located, for example if it was on the throat, when healed you can feel more able to speak up for yourself, or chest area- you feel more open have connections with others, allowing yourself to feel and receive love once again.



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