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The Importance of Self-Expression on the Health of Your Throat Chakra

This post is dedicated to all the over-givers, pleasers and potential introverts, a lesson on letting go and releasing what no longer serves you.

The energy of the throat chakra is all about self-expression and communication with self and others. It involves listening deeply, as well as speaking clearly with honesty and authenticity. When we fail to do this in a balanced and healthy manner it can result in an energy block in this area. This can feel like a tightness, a discomfort or a weight of a stone lodged in the throat/neck area.

To be able to express oneself with honesty and authenticity one must have a good self-awareness and an awareness of others which enables us to be compassionate and kind. Problems can arise when we are too compassionate, overly kind or when we constantly live to please others and forget about ourselves and our needs. This ends up going against our authenticity and represses our true needs and end up hurting ourselves as a result.

In life we may live through certain disappointments and struggles brought on by particular situations, other people, or ourselves. Due to our compassionate and empathetic nature, it is very important to completely process these events so we are not left with that heavy energy. The feelings left by the experience requires self-reflection, allowing us to recognize and address them. It is equally as important to have an awareness of why others did what they did as it is to be able to express emotions caused by their less-than-positive behavior. If someone has caused you pain, to ensure you heal from it you need to express the impact it had on you and how it made you feel. Forgiving is not enough to heal the hurt; one must also allow for expression of the pain you feel to completely dissolve all the negative energy. It is not necessary to face the person, but it is necessary to let go of what was left unsaid. This could be as easy as writing it all down and allowing yourself to say what needs to be said in order to release the pain it had left in you. Release these emotions by letting yourself know how much the events hurt and the pain they caused you.

Your soul is craving to be heard by you, stop neglecting how you are feeling inside from past experiences. It is the only way forward. Address your needs.


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