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A Holistic Approach to Health
and Wellbeing

Holistic Nutritionist Brisbane
Nutritionist and Reiki Practitioner

" Life can get busy and take us on sidetracks, thus leading us to forget what our truths are. When this happens, we need a little help re-aligning with our truth so that we can live a life with authenticity – remembering, accepting, loving and fully embracing all that we are. This allows us to face our fears and live to our full potential."
Meet Ana

I am a nutritionist and a Reiki practitioner. My mission is to show you that you can achieve your desired health state, be it body weight or general wellbeing, by helping you understand your relationship with food. Once the roots of your eating patterns are known, I will help you refocus them through nutrition education and provide you with tools to establish positive eating habits. 

Reiki healings balance your mental, physical and emotional bodies by releasing blocked energies and accelerate your body’s own healing process leaving you feeling centred and aligned.

Nutrition Services

  • Diet and lifestyle evaluation to assist in meeting your needs. Some examples below:

    • Weight Loss

    • To increase your iron intake

    • To transition to a vegetarian diet

    • To eat a healthier diet for your body to function better and help reduce a potential health risk factor

    • To be realistic about your goals for being "healthy" and to be ready to explore new foods

    • To feel better and be comfortable in your body

    • Weight loss post pregnancy

  • Holistic analysis of diet and lifestyle

    • Provides a detailed analysis of your current mind, body and soul needs.​

  • Meal planning

Reiki Services

  • Reiki treatments with crystals for the following but not limited to:

    • For relaxation​

    • To release past traumas suppressing your personal growth

    • For emotional stability, confidence and mental clarity

    • To cleanse energetic blocks 

    • Greater physical health and wellbeing

  • Re-balancing the chakras:​​

    • For more youthful vitality, energy and personal power

  • Reiki treatment with mediumship​​

  • Reiki treatment with oracle card:

    • Oracle cards provides guidance for further healing​

Nutrition and Reiki Consultation
Reiki Treatment Brisbane
Nutritional Goals

I provide a customized service to help you achieve your desired nutritional goal through a holistic and scientific approach.  

Reiki Healings Goals

My focus is to help you go within and heal what is ready to be healed.

Healthy Food
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