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Spiritual Healing - What is your spirit calling you to heal?

What is your spirit calling you to heal? Perhaps it is your self-worth?

Are you holding on to pain caused by others or situations that have occurred throughout your life that left you suffering and feeling less than adequate?

Now you carry this energy and it’s having a negative impact in your life, on your self-love?

Is your spirit calling you to go deep within yourself to find the strength and courage to allow you to let go of those negative energies for you to feel happy again? Those energies that were never yours, to begin with, left you broken and unsure of yourself and your future.

Is your spirit calling you to manifest the life that you want, the life you deserve? To create and bring into your life what makes you truly happy and to let go of all else that does not provide this.

Sometimes we outgrow people and situations that perhaps served a purpose for growth and learning but are no longer helping us –the lesson has been learned. Once lessons are learned we must let go of all the old energy so that we can welcome the opportunities and people that bring positive change.

Use the power of intent and choice to focus on what you love so more is brought to you. Take this opportunity to overcome and learn. While you work on letting go, show compassion to yourself.

Written by Ana dos Santos

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